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Bunny Bite of Approval Collection


Have you found a bunny bite of approval from one of my rabbits in your order?

You'll get a random approval from either:
- Bambi (Bambino)
- Tinkerbell (The pretty)
- Chip (The destroyer)
- Zeus (The stud)
- Or Arlo (Sir Arlington)

Every time you have an order with us. (Don't worry, cardboards perfectly safe for them to eat).

One of our bunnies has given their personal approval of your order ;-)

Collect them and keep them safe in mint condition for 15% OFF for 3 orders once you can prove you've collected an approval from each of our rabbits.  

We do keep track of who gets what, so no cheating with a friend!

(bites and cards are chosen randomly by the rabbits, so you may get doubles, even triples before getting the one you need.)